Woking Festival of Dance 2016

Monday 18th - Saturday 30th January 2016

Awards list
WFoD Awards 2016.pdf
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Miss Deborah Norris MA, BA Hons, AISTD and Miss Francena Reston RAD LM AISTD AIDTA FSIPBE

Thank you!

To all our Dancers, Teachers, Parents and Chaperones, a very big thank you is due from the organisers of the Festival. As you know, we ran from Monday 18th to Saturday 30th January and very successful it turned out to be. This would not be possible without the help and support of so many people, who work hard throughout the year to choreograph dances and practise those dances to bring them to the state of perfection that we see on stage. 2016 was again a very successful event and as we look forward to our twentieth anniversary next year, we are very conscious of the hard work and dedication that has gone into all of our Festivals over an extended period of years.


We also owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Festival volunteers who, once again, shouldered the burden of the actual running of the Festival at the Rhoda. Sustained only by food, cake and tea, these wonderfully intrepid people return year after year with dedication and a spirit that passes all understanding to make sure that everything runs smoothly. From ensuring that the music CDs get to the sound box on time and in the right order, to ensuring that the dancers get to the stage on time and in the right order, nothing seems to be beyond their cheerful abilities. Sound box, front of house, setting up the Festival at the Rhoda before the dancing starts and breaking everything down in record time at the end appear to be simple tasks in their hands but we know that they are not simple at all. This year, we had some very welcome new volunteers, and these new faces fitted in so well with the “old hands” that once again, Woking Festival of Dance ran like a seamless operation.


Our thanks also go, in no small part, to our adjudicators and for 2016 we had two adjudicators who had not visited us before. Thank you Francena and Debbie for your kindness, encouragement and wise words which we hope will prove to be of great benefit to our participating dancers as they pursue their dancing in the future. Both Adjudicators have commented very favourably indeed on the high standard of dance that we see at the Woking Festival and we agree that we are extremely lucky to have such a deep pool of talent around us


So, thank you again to everybody who took part at Woking Festival of Dance, in whatever capacity, and here’s looking forward to 2017, the next All England year!